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Giorgio de Chirico
Cavaliere con due personaggi antichi in riva al mare
1929 aproximately
68x92 cm

In a valley in which sky and earth are run together, in the foreground three figures stand on the shore of a sea which is just hinted at: a young man with curly blond hair on a red horse with a voluminous and deep black mane and tail; to the left of the horseman a warrior with an attic profile, with a plumed helmet and pointed beard; to the right a nude figure holding a lance, in the pose of an antique hero but with a face without delineation. On the peak of the hill, in the background, an acropolis appears. We are in a Greece which is already vanishing and of which only the ruins remain to remind us of the end of an era, and where people are like theatrical show or the mannequins of a stage set.

Provenance: Private collection, Argentina; Finarte (2000), Milano

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