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Giorgio de Chirico
Gli archeologi
1927 aproximately
127 x 92 cm

Two figures, presented as antique, in an interior. Their laps are full of ruins and landscape elements, a fragment of sky with a cloud, rocky formations, indefinite shapes, perhaps of waves. The two absurd figures sit on an extremely traditional cushioned divan, to underline the gap between the normality of the household environment with two figures in friendly conversation, and the unreal nature of their physicality. The two are caught in the act of passing a tablet which is found in the hands of dechirican mannequins on other occasions, often incised with mysterious antique signs.

Provenance: Collezione Ghiringhelli, Milano; Collezione Rollins, Roma; Andreina Materassi Barton, Firenze; Nicholas Acquavella, New York; Donald C. Ozmun, Fort Lauderdale; Museum of Art, Fort Lauderdale; mercato internazionale

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