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After decades of misuse, followed by a careful restoration, the Orangery is opening to the public as a home for the works of contemporary art that the equally generous and passionate collector Carlo Bilotti chose to give to the city of Rome. During the years in which the works were collected he was in contact with, and often friends with, some of the most important artists of our time. Among the donated pieces are a nucleus of works by the superb painter Giorgio de Chirico, supported by works by Gino Severini, Andy Warhol, Larry Rivers and Giacomo Manzù.
The creation of the Museum, which has radically changed the appearance of the Orangery, was the result of a collaboration between the Municipality of Rome and Carlo Bilotti. It has a dual purpose: to display the permanent collection, the works donated by Bilotti, in rooms arranged specifically for them, and to display changing exhibitions of the most important artists of our time, in collaboration with public and private institutes.
The project participated in a renewed interest in contemporary art, which in Rome already enjoys a lively and prestigious circuit, and now has another space for encounters and experiments.
The first example of this promotional function, displayed simultaneously to the inauguration of the museum, is an exhibition of three significant contemporary artists: Damien Hirst, Jenny Saville and David Salle. It involves works commissioned by Carlo Bilotti to be part of a secular chapel, a place of reflection and meditation, interpreted in a highly subjective fashion.

Alberta Campitelli, Director General of the Villas and Historical Parks

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